How To Maintain a Healthy Scalp




Hair growth starts with the scalp and the overall health of the hair. You can always determine how healthy you are by your scalp conditions. It is very essential to care about your scalp health, and how to make sure your hair is healthy. If you are experiencing  problematic scalp problems we can help.

A Healthy Scalp Solution 

The main causes of an unhealthy scalp have a lot to due with an unhealthy eating habits, stress or not washing your hair and scalp correctly. You can also experience a lot of itchiness, dandruff and scalp irritation and sensibility. In  most causes it is because those lead to not cleansing your scalp with the right ingredients, or your are not removing all the product build up from your scalp. You want to make sure when you shampoo you cleanse your hair twice to remove all the product build up on the scalp, and you want to make sure the products you are using on the scalp does not strip your hair of it's natural oils. Harsh ingredients in a products can lead to scalp irritation or inflammation which can be a reason why your scalp is sore, itchy and can begin to flake. Another way in making sure your scalp stays healthy, is making sure it is nourished and moisturized because it will help stimulate your hair follicles to encourage hair growth. The scalp is the key components to length retention, but more importantly hair elasticity and growth.  

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