5 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

                                5 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn't Growing 



Have you ever wondered why your hair isn't growing? A lot of woman  experience a stunt in their hair growth journey. In many cases a lot of reasons could be medical. However, there are numerous reasons that you may need to change in order to start seeing results. 

1. Not Drinking Any Water Or Enough Water 

Water is essential to support your hair growth process because it  helps strengthen your hair strands by providing vitamins. Drinking water helps energize and support your hair growth from the root to the end of the strands. Without the consumption of water your hair will become dry and brittle, and begin to break off because your hair needs the right nutrients to retain hair length and growth.

2. Lack of Moisture 

Lack of moisture could be  a major cause in why your hair may not be growing. Moisture is an essential element in treating and taking care of your hair. When your hair is dry, your hair begins to break off because of the lack of moisture it is not receiving. You want to make sure you are not putting excessive amount of heat on your hair because it will strip all the natural oils out of your hair strands. You want to also make sure you are not using harsh ingredients, or harsh shampoos that will strip all the natural moisture out of your hair  because your hair needs moisture to remain healthy, and also help you maintain our hair length. 

3. Over-Manipulation 

Sometimes not doing to much to your hair is the key to hair growth. Over-manipulation can stunt your hair growth because your hands, brushes, or combs are always in your hair. Try protective styles that include braids, dreads, twists out or braids out that cause you to not have to continuously over manipulate your hair strands. 

4. Trimming or cutting your hair 

LET THE SPLIT ENDS GO! In order for your hair to grow you have to trim or cut off the dead/split ends. Getting rid of the split ends saves you the trouble of not having to worry about breakage because your hair will become healthier, and help encourage your hair growth process. The more you keep your hair trimmed the less you experience breakage and split ends. When you trim or cut your hair your hair will begin to grow faster. 

5. Health Issues 

Your hair provides insight in your overall health and body. If you have tried all these above,  and still are not experiencing any hair growth you may need to see or talk to  a doctor or medical professional. 




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